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Create your story

It all starts with your story. That is the foundation where you build your enterprise on. We will help you tell your story.
Whether it’s about your mission, your vision, strategy or when you are undergoing changes within your company: having a clear message is key. We make sure others will Embrace your story.


Share your story

Share your story in an effective and inspiring manner. We advise you which channels you could use, and we train you and your people to express your message in a confident way. Whether you have to speak in front of a small or large crowd, spread it online or just in a plain text. Audio visual productions are an important tool within our service.

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Live your story

Do as you say. The organizations should live their story, because a good story without matching behavior could backfire on your organization.
We coach executives and teams to make this happen. We will support you to set your targets and implement the strategy. Even when it is hard.

About Embrce

Embrce helps people and organizations solve problems regarding change-management, mergers and acquisitions, growth and leadership, with communication being the main focus point.
Making connections to have your people support the strategy, feel inspired and becoming successful.


People Organization Customers


We give your organization tools to become more impactful. Our style will come up with quick analyses and insights. Main objective is to jointly come up with an action plan. That’s when it will be really effective.

Personalizing your own story, the organization’s story and positioning itself. We put the core values of the organization into words.

Organize your communication: both internally and externally. That’s the core. How to do that is our added value. How do you really make clients and people commit to you?

We help organizations to connect with their people and their departments during a period of digital transition. Keep communicating during the various stages of this transition is key. Come up with a clear plan, teach people how to embrace the digitalisation in order to be a success for everyone involved.

Building e-commerce platforms, customer gateways and smart asset management, as well as keeping the proces quantifiable is our expertise.

Training & Coaching

Athletes work out every day.  That’s their daily routine. We train and coach with that philosophy in mind. We help you and your team to become more succesfull by increasing the connectivity between people, the organization and your client.

No matter how small or large the organization is: there is a team. We, even personally, know what it takes to win the ultimate in sports: an Olympic Gold medal. That’s the goal, but how do we get there? What makes you stronger and what do you need from your teammates? What happens within the team when it faces adversity? The methods we use find their origin in high performance sports and we use Management Drives for our communication and analysis.

One is never too old to learn and anyone, regardless on what level they work, has their insecurities; it’s in this spirit that we help executives to revitalize their job, to help them to connect better with their surroundings, which, ultimately makes them more effective.

We don’t believe in changing people, moreover, we believe that people are right the way they are. However being aware of how you act and why do you do something the way you do, could cause a change in behavior and communication.

Doing a pitch can be a nervewrecking experience: you only have one shot. This makes it very exciting. In this training we teach you how to find the right balance between selling your pitch, being in control and at the same time be open to the signs of the person you’re addressing.

Delivering a message that moves people. That’s what you want to achieve when you give a speech. It’s important to stay in touch with your live audience. We show you the do’s and don’ts, but most importantly, we teach how to stay close to yourself and that feels comfortable. We focus on the content of your speech, your non-verbal communication, your emotions during your speech and how to be as convincing as possible.

Project management

We support you to implement your new strategy and tell the accessory story. We are present that the working floor to bring the people on board and we approach this a project with clear- cut objective.

In this project we take care of everything, stand alone or together with the team. We could do this project based or interim based. Our advisors have different backgrounds and all have experience with communication-related matters.

To really getting things done a fresh approach can help. We quickly can see how to speed up certain processes and give you pointers on how to improve those as well.

At request we produce and direct video’s, podcasts, webinars and other forms of digital communication. We play our part in the creative process and we advice you what message you want to send out and how to do that. The approach is the spoken word.

Onze mensen kunnen op tijdelijke basis uw organisatie ondersteunen. Samen met een directie, afdeling of team zorgen we voor een goed lopend project en/of opdracht.


At request we produce and direct video’s, podcasts, webinars and other forms of digital communication. We play our part in the creative process and we advice you what message you want to send out and how to do that. The approach is the spoken word.

How to make sincere connections? Together with you we make a plan to tell your story in a credible way to various targetted audiences. With one element in mind: a story that upholds your reputation.

Video can be an effective tool to get your message across or when you want to connect with people or organizations. We will capture the essence of your message and turn that into video footage. We work with our clients but we have our eye on the audience of the video.

We help you deliver a clear-cut message. You will realize that it’s not depending on the questions you are being asked. We will give you insights in the way a journalist works, why they ask what they ask and how to respond to that. You will know when you’re about to step into a journalistic booby trap and how to tell your true story.

Elsemieke Havenga, managing partner

After a heralded field hockey career and an equally succesfull career as a radio- and television host, Elsemieke Havenga has been working as a communication advisor and executive coach for many years now. Making people and its organisations becoming more succesfull, all by stimulating the connection, is her mission.

Our team

We are a relatively small team consisting of experienced advisors (consultants) all of whom have a proven track record in media, sports, businesses and communications. Besides this team, we work with a group of permanent experts.

We are practical. We cut to the chase. We are open minded and like a challenge. We are earnest, but equally appreciate our creativity and fun. Making people and organizations become more succesfull, that’s what makes us happy.

Our people

with passion and results

Elsemieke Havenga

Managing Partner

Elsemieke created Embrce. She supports organizations, teams and executives to become more succesfull. She uses various tools: creative concepts, communication advice, mediating in conflict situations and helping with a change in behaviour. She sees through certain patterns and situations quickly.

Apart from this, Elsemieke is a discussion leader and a chairman of the day.

Marieke Pol


Marieke is an experienced projectmanager and project leader. She has an affinity with the sports branch, but she has definitely earned her stripes in the social domain. She’s an orginizational jack of all trades focused on relationships and getting results at the same time.

Martijn de Jager

Multimedia Advisor

With his legal background, Martijn chose to work in the field of communication. He is a former field hockey player and as to this day he is still involved in the sport in various ways. Martijn is dealing with cultural research, consultancy and media productions. As a reporter, producer and director he is responsible for mainly online videoproductions.

Marike Hettema

Project support

Marike has a background in finance and administration. She has great organizational skills. Besides this she has been working in banking and Finance Office.

Audio-visual productions

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Where we work and what they say

 Peter Bommel, partner Deloitte, former CEO:  “We have been working together for many years now with Elsemieke and Martijn. A compact, creative, flexible and reliable team and that’s what we like. Personally I’m very glad with the support of Elsemieke with shaping various teams and with storytelling.”

|  Audiovisual communication, executive coaching, communication training, webinars, pitch training |

At a large change process withing Schiphol assetmanagement, Bart supports in making the connection between the internal and external stakeholders. He is stationed at the office to guide this proces.

| Teamcoaching, interim communication

We help Insinger to form various new teams after an intense period as a result of a merger.

| Guiding change

Former top gymnast Celine van Gerner: “I have had lots of experience with dealing with the media, but this training has given me a lot of new insights”.

For many years we are partners of the Johan Cruyff Institute. We coach many (former) athletes in how to deal with the media.

| Media training

Germen Kruisinga, Fiscal Affairs SHV, “As a team we really could use the insights in our personal motives and how to utilize these. Practically: we know how to be succesfull with each other now”.
| Team coaching, executive coaching

We helped Volkswagen Netherlands share the right story to the entire dealer network during an event. We supported the board of directors telling the right story.

| Presentation coaching, communication coaching, personal coaching

As a project manager, in the city of Hilversum as a so called “sportformateur”, Marieke is responsible for enabling the connection between the various sporting and social partners. This is part of national governmental policy.
CEO Eelco Hoekstra (Royal VOPAK): “Elsemieke has helped me to look at my own way of communication differently. She has the talent to do that from a natural and personal perspective.”
| Executive coaching


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Our Projectmanager has new skills in projectmanagement. She is now Scrummaster1.

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